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Shining Panda

Hosted Automated Testing

  • Python and Java logoFirst class Python and Java support.
  • Samba iconBuild on Linux and Windows.
  • Jenkins CI logoGet started in a matter of minutes with Jenkins.
  • Clock iconTrigger builds on each commit, or on a fixed schedule.
  • Server iconSupport for MySQL, PostgreSQL and MongoDB.

ShiningPanda LogoHow does ShiningPanda work?


1. Setup your builds with Jenkins

Connect your repository and setup your builds using your dedicated Jenkins instance.


2. Automated tests

Whenever you commit code your project is automatically tested, in its own dedicated virtual machine.


3. Check the results

Check the build reports on shiningpanda-ci.com, or receive them by email.

Python logoFirst Class Python Support

ShiningPanda gives you out of the box the most popular versions of Python interpreters (CPython, PyPy, Jython, IronPython, Stackless Python), and all the important integration tools (virtualenv, distribute, nose, pylint, etc.), so that you are up and running in a matter of minutes.

Check our tutorial to learn more about it!

Java logoFirst Class Java Support

All major JDKs (Sun/Oracle, IBM, OpenJDK) are available on our environments, as well as Java well known build tools Maven and Ant.

ShiningPanda also supports many other languages, like C or C++, and many build tools. Do not hesitate to contact us at to tell us what you need!

Jenkins CI logoJenkins CI

Each ShiningPanda account comes with a dedicated Jenkins CI instance, the state of the art Open Source continuous integration solution.

Our dedicated Jenkins plugins make it very easy for you to perform complex operations, such as starting a database server on the fly before the tests.

Samba logoMulti platform

With our Linux and Windows build environments, testing on multiple platforms is literally one click away from your job configuration!

Jenkins CI logoWhat is Continuous Integration?

Software Developers often write tests to check that their code is working as expected. This is considered a good practice, since manually testing code can quickly become tedious.

Continuous Integration is the practice of running these tests automatically, early and often (for instance each time a piece of code is committed to the project), so as to avoid the pitfalls of "integration hell". The practice aims to reduce rework and thus reduce cost and time.

To learn more about continuous integration: the recommended practices (Wikipedia).

ShiningPanda LogoShiningPanda Services

ShiningPanda Build and Release Management experts help your organization streamline its build, release and deployment workflow.

Discover the ShiningPanda Services and their benefits for your organization.